Krave Beauty Great Barrier Relief 45ml

Great Barrier Relief is a skin-soothing serum that
restores your damaged skin barrier while evening out your complexion.
This nourishing formula offers irritated skin a reset button
by using tamanu oil and other ingredients
that mimic a healthy barrier to replenish what your skin lacks.

*Every purchase of Great Barrier Relief helps protect the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
2% of all sales from Great Barrier Relief will be donated
to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

Key Ingredients
1. Tamanu Oil
The research about Tamanu oil shows it has remarkable skin-regenerative properties
and it was traditionally used to heal wounds and cure various skin problems and ailments.
It is an oil that our the founder is personally OBSESSED
with as it has eliminated most of her hyperpigmentation (sunspots, acne scars, other discoloration)
far more effectively than any retinol or vitamin C ingredient.

2. Safflower Oil & Rosehip Seed Oil
Two incredible plant-based oils that have amazing skin-nourishing benefits
and are higher in linoleic acid than oleic acid.
Countless studies demonstrate that oils rich in linoleic acid help restore damaged skin-barriers.
The infusion of these two oils results in a high linoleic acid concentration
that creates a light consistency, which melts right into your skin without the greasiness.

3. NMF + Ceramides, Phytosterol*, Squalane
A cocktail of ingredients that is meant to mimic a healthy skin barrier.
These elements are naturally found in your skin when it is not compromised and in a restful state of zen.
When life gets too stressful and your skin is put on edge,
these super ingredients escape from your skin and leave it vulnerable.
Replenish your skin barrier with this restorative combination.
*Phytosterol is an ingredient similar to cholesterol found in plants.

4. Niacinamide
Also known as Vitamin B3, this ingredient is the soccer mom of the skincare world
who can do it all and more.
Highly effective for barrier reparation (of course), anti-aging, skin-brightening, and even acne prevention.
Niacinamide is the versatile queen your skin will adore.
What more, it also one of the most gentle active ingredients that deliver great skin benefits
without any skin irritation, making it accessible for all skin types to give a chance.

How to use
Apply one or two pumps of Great Barrier Relief
before your moisturizer or in replacement of your moisturizer.
Reach for it whenever your skin is feeling irritated and
don't forget to remove those sensitizing products from your routine.


Brand : Krave Beauty
Capacity : 45ml
Target Area : Face
Skin Type : All Skin Types
Condition : 100% Brand-new with original box
Country of origin : Republic of Korea

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Andy M.

I've tried a few creams for the face over the years...and I don't know that I've ever been as satisfied with any of them as much as I am with your Great Barrier Relief (and continue to purchase it to this day).


Amazing. Helped clear my skin and soothed any irritation from other skin products.


my skin is very sensitive and very oily and prone to clogged pores so i was a little bit worried about the formula breaking me out but it did not give me any problems whatsoever. when i started using tretinoin, it helped the dryness and really soothed my skin after going through hell. i also noticed that whenever i do have a breakout, it helps get rid of the hyperpigmentation so much faster. genuinely love this product so much

I love it

I’ve been using great barrier relief for three years. I’m pretty adventurous with skincare so I mix it up a lot but every time I stop using this my skin knows it. I would get way dryer and my skin doesn’t feel as hydrated when I was using another product. So now this is permanent staple in my evening routine and I never replace this with anything else. Highly recommend!

Loygdna L.
Great For Fading Dark Spots!

I’ve been using this in combination with tretinion and vitamin C and it’s helped fade my dark spots so well! My skin texture is a lot smoother too. It’s moisturizing and lightweight and the packaging is so cute. The smell is a bit off-putting but it fades away quickly and doesn’t linger. Loving this product!

Diosmary A.

It literally helped clear up some of my acne and heal my damaged skin barrier. After using it for 4 days I saw a huge difference. Highly recommend

A Constant In My Routine

LOVE THIS! It repairs my skins barrier by hydrating face/neck without leaving a slick residue. I moved from Michigan to California & can still use it in my daily routine. It really helped my skin in Michigan winters & now in the dry California climate too!

it's the best

Can’t live without it. Calms my skin when it’s irritated or dry.

Awesome Barrier Relief

My skin can’t get enough of Great Barrier Relief. I use it twice a day to help with my sensitive, dry skin. I’m not in love with the scent but it works so I’m sticking with it.


I absolutely love this product! It’s definitely helped my skin and is a part of my daily routine now

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