Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX #Classic 30ml / 60ml


  • Triple-elastic anti-aging cream strengthened by Sulwhasoo's unique ginsenomics TM skin's self-renewing power
  • It increases the elasticity of the skin and improves the skin's defenses by improving visible wrinkles.
  • Ginsenomics, made by concentrating rare saponins 6,000 times with proprietary bio technology, maintains firmness for a long time with triple elasticity and anti-aging effect.

How to use

  • In the morning, evening and cream stage, take an appropriate amount and apply gently along the skin texture.


  • Brand : Sulwhasoo
  • Capacity : 30ml / 60ml
  • Target Area : Face
  • Skin Type : All Skin Types
  • Country of origin : South Korea


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Sarah V.
Great cream!

So far none of the sulwhasoo products have ever disappointed me. This cream was amazing as well! Will buy the big version next time!

Rich eye cream

It's a rich eye cream with good anti aging benefits. Wrinkles got smoothen out and dry patches are reduced. This is a great size for traveling or trying out the first time.

Claudia R.

OMG I LOVE THIS. I was hoping not to like it because of the price of the full size but I really like this. It is very moisturizing and makes my face feel soft.

Marika T.
great cream, the size is very convenient

The cream is a nourishing cream. I like the size, it is very convenient to use it when you are travelling. And the size gives you the chance to try the product, which otherwise would be expensive

so much product in a small package

This is just a great affordable way to try Sulwhasoo. One container can last 2 - 3 weeks and if you do the math, buying a couple of these is seriously cheaper than the full sized product. I just love this new formula too. Light, rich and super hydrating - does all the needed things to my face.

Very nourishing cream

I really liked the formula of this cream as it’s pretty hydrating. I do want to say that the cream also has an intense herbal smell that some may find overwhelming BUT the product is still worth a try because the smell quickly fades away and it’s moisturizing properties are awesome!

great sample size

very thick and rice moisturiser. it has quite a strong scent but I don't mind the smell so it was fine for me. my skin absorbed this, no pilling or anything, but I think if I bought this again I would prob use it as an eye cream given the size of it

Super moisturising and soothing

It's super moisturising and has a really gentle feel, I use it in the areas of my skin that get more dry.

I still wouldn't by the full version due to the price but would definitely recommend just buying several mini ones.

She's strong

Very luxurious texture, thick and velvety and leaves your skin feeling very nourished but just be aware its a very strong ginseng scent but you kinda expect that from the name, would defo recommend!

top tier skincare

this is such an absolute masterpiece of a product. because I’m not a rich person (tragic!), I have never been able to splurge for the full size of this. however, every so often I pick up this mini to experience the joys of the Sulwhasoo brand on my budget. it never fails to amaze me how much of a difference even this tiny little bottle makes!

highly recommend giving it a try just to see what the hype is all about

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