IOPE Retinol Expert 0.3% 20ml

IOPE Retinol Expert 0.3% 20ml

 An anti-aging wrinkle serum with high-content retinol that surely improves wrinkles.
An anti-aging wrinkle serum that offers a definite wrinkle care effect of the high-content retinol ingredient.
An anti-aging wrinkle serum with high content of retinol for a positive wrinkle improvement effect.
In just 2 weeks, it provides a clear improvement in wrinkles, elasticity, and skin density.

How To Use
Grab the ring long to remove it. (If the ring cannot be removed easily, slightly turn the cap to loosen it.) Turn the cap counterclockwise until the end to bore the inside and attach the inner cap. Turn in the opposite direction to open the cap.

Brand : IOPE
Capacity : 20ml
Skin Type : All skin type
Manufacturer: Amore Pacific Inc.
Country of Origin : Republic of Korea

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