Did you simply apply expensive cosmetics?
Do you know that absorption is more important,
no matter how good cosmetics you use?
Are you still using a painful and stimulating MTS roller?
JUVECELL Syringe has a syringe-type handle that provides cosmetics
and does the skincare at the same time.
(It is a suitable product for use in travel, business trips, etc.)
The hexagon head without irritation.
Portability by using Syringe
Forming fine hole into a stratum corneum
Bio-compatible Polymer material
432 Micro Needles
Needle tips of existing MTS rollers are bent as the number of usage increases.
The bent tips cause skin wounds because steel needles rip off the skin while rolling.
But JuVecell Roller does not bend at all even after 500-time use.
The existing MTS rollers are circular, so they are more prone to damage
the skin due to the bending when using the rollers.
However, JuVecell Roller keeps needle tips until they come out after contact
with the skin, maintains a penetration angle as close as possible to 90 degrees,
and creates holes to avoid skin damage.
The Syringe-type handle is made in the form of a syringe that allows
both the supply of cosmetics and skincare. You can use it by filling your cosmetics
into the syringe, and after use, you can store it by sealing with a cap (lid).
Existing MTS rollers are made of metal, which causes a metal allergy,
but JuVecell Roller is made of biocompatible polymer that is harmless
to the human body and can be used without worrying about a metal allergy.
As it is a roller used for skin, it has sterilized for hygiene~!
Product Name: JUVECELL MTS Roller Syringe
Color: White
Weight: 96 g
Size: 140 x 25 mm
Package Size: 180 x 40 mm
Material: Polymer
Manufacturer: JUNGWOO T&C
Country of Manufacture: South Korea

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