MEDI-PEEL Hyaluron Cica Peptide 9 Ampoule Eye Patch
MEDI-PEEL Hyaluron Cica Peptide 9 Ampoule Eye Patch
MEDI-PEEL Hyaluron Cica Peptide 9 Ampoule Eye Patch

MEDI-PEEL Hyaluron Cica Peptide-9 Ampoule Eye Patch 1.6g x 60 Pads


By blending collagen and peptides in a state that is optimized for elasticity,
it fills the key ingredients for elasticity improvement from deep inside of the skin.
By blending 9 kinds of peptides with Medi-Peel's unique technology,
it delivers abundant active ingredients to the skin as it is,
strengthening the weakened skin barrier and helping to make the skin elastic.
7 kinds of hyaluronic acid fill the moisture tightly withdrawing 100 times more moisture
and help to make the skin moist and smooth.
Containing Ecocert organic ingredients, it is less irritating and mild,
so it can be used safely even for sensitive skin and helps to make the skin healthier.
When dissolved in hot water, it naturally decomposes and can be used as an essence.


Calming/ moisturizing eye patch to soothe the irritated and sensitive eye area.
Contains Cica complex with excellent skin calming effect to provide moisture and vitality to the irritated eye area.

How to use
Smooth skin texture with toner after cleansing.
Attach the patch where you need care and remove it after 10~15 minutes.
Tap to absorb the remaining contents to the skin.

Country of origin : Republic of Korea
Target Area : Eye 
Skin Type : All Skin Types 
Condition : 100% Brand-new with original box 
Capacity :  1.6g x 60 Pads

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