MEDI-PEEL Perfect Cooling Skin Face Type

Perfect Cooling Skin Massager prevents thermal skin aging and calms your skin
by lowering skin temperature.
When serums, moisture creams or makeups don’t get absorbed well due to skin heat,
Perfect Cooling Skin can help with the faster absorption of cosmetics.
This Hand Ice Massage Therapy helps to control skin temperature, relieve stress
and take care of all skin problems for healthy skin.
It controls the skin temperature by relieving flushed skin, atopic, redness, itching skin and sunburns.
Also, helps to care for skin problems by minimizing pore and soothing acne.
The refrigerant in the cooling plate lowers the temperature of the surface and maintains cooling effects.
Processes anodizing for hygienic use.
*Anodizing protects the surface of the product from corrosion or contamination
so helps to use safely and semi-permanently.
The product that can be used at home by anyone.
Does not require batteries or electricity.
Can be used semi-permanently as long as you wash it with water.

How to use
Store perfect cooling skin in the fridge for 2 hours and
massage onto the skin that needs to be treated.

Target Area : Face 
Skin Type : All Skin Types 
Condition : 100% Brand-new with original box
Country of origin : Republic of Korea

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cooling and Refreshing

Perfect to use when doing a sheet face mask. I put in the fridge or freezer before use. Feels super refreshing and calms my skin down.


This feels so good on my skin and works wonders for soothing and depuffing. Just make sure you pop it in the fridge for an extra-cool feel and use a soothing gel with it. I usually just use a cream that makes it easy to slide this around my face. I really like it.


it's so refreshing and cooling i enjoy using it in the morning. just keep it in the fridge.

Brian L.

When using medi-peel, the skin feels very comfortable, because it is not too cold.


Are use this very often when I have a face mask on and I must say that I see a significant difference in the size of my pores I’ll keep using this and re-buying it whenever I feel the need to do so this is one of my holy grails and I highly recommend it.


My skin tends to get red really easily, therefore I had always a problem with trying to cool it down. This tool either way was the best option for my skin. I can see the difference after the first use and as long as I keep using it my skin is calming down. The product absorption has improved as well.

So Chill!

Love this gadget! So convenient to use as just need to put in freezer & can take out to use anytime & it's super cold and can stay out of freezer for long time and still retain its coolness. When it's less cold, just need to shake it a bit & it becomes very cold again. So soothing on skin especially now that it's Summer ...super relaxing and pampering to use. Highly recommend!

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