MEDI-PEEL Peptide 9 Aqua Essence Toner 250ml

1. Volufline, IDEALFT helps to build a solid face line
by flexibly filling the volume with international patented ingredients
in the United States, Europe and Japan.
2. Quadratic hyaluronic acid provides a powerful moisturizing effect
and nourishes the skin with moisture-filled, shiny skin.
3. The patented time-coded collagen helps improve skin to make older skin look younger.
4. It synthesizes collagen and elastin, which escape from the skin after their 20s,
and holds them firmly together to help them grow their skin during their lifetime


Elastic & moist volume water-glow toner that fills your skin with elasticity.
Elasticity UP, Lifting UP, Water-glow UP.
It synthesizes collagen and elastin that are disappearing after 20s and makes younger-looking skin.
It contains Volufiline™ and IDEALIFT™ that are internationally patented in the US, Europe and Japan, making your face firm and face line even.

How to use
1. Dispense product into clean palms or a fresh cotton pad.
2. Tap lightly into skin until fully absorbed.

Capacity : 250ml
Target Area : Face 
Skin Type : All Skin Types 
Condition : 100% Brand-new with original box
Country of origin : Republic of Korea

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

One of my favorite toners in Korean cosmetics! A good dispenser, large volume, dense thick composition close to essence, excellent composition of ingredients will delight your skin, making it nourished, radiant, and youthful! Thank you MediPil for a great product! I can only recommend it with all my heart!

Olga M.
Very good basic care!

I already use this toner myself. I find it very moisturizing. Applied in 3 layers, the effect is even better than with a serum. I recommend it very often to family and colleagues. A very good basic care!

Love it

One of my favorite toners that I use on a daily basis. It makes my dehydrated mature skin firm, plump, well hydrated, and also smoothes out wrinkles. I definitely recommend and will buy again myself.

Grettel V.
Best Toner

I bought it for my mum. She says it is a wonderful toner. She has used it before and I will try it too and come back with more comments.

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