MONAGE Vegan All In One Mild Cleanser 520ml


From Head to Toe, All-in-One Gel type Wash

Slightly acidic skin protective film identical to healthy skin

Moisturizing and nourishing with Panthenol and Ceramide element

Natural cleansing ingredients extracted from Coconut oil

Smooth, moist, and hydrating deep cleansing even after a shower

Good MONAGE surfactant without protein damage A good gel-type foam!

MONAGE All-in-One Slightly Acid Cleanser 3 IN 1 Form Cleansing & Shampoo & Body Wash
It's slightly acidic, with less irritation to the skin.

Natural surfactant ingredients derived from coconut keep our body clean

with mild foam from head to toe.


POINT 1. Slightly acid - Slightly acid similar to human skin and hair Acidic, Neutral,

Alkaline From _he scalp, it is important to keep pH slightly acidic (pH 5 ~ 6.5).

POINT 2. Irritation-free - A cleanser that protects from scalp to toe with 0.0 degree

of irritation With the average skin response rate of 0.00 at the skin patch test,

"MONAGE Pro Shampoo & Body Wash" is determined as irritation-free

POINT 3. EWG Grade 1 - Ingredients consisting of 99% of the top 1st and 2nd in green grades

POINT 4. Vegan - Eating vegetables only is hard, but putting vegetables only on the face is easy.

POINT 5. Effects from ingredients - For honest and authentic efficacy,

we keep safety with the ingredients found in papers.


Product name: Vegan All In One Mild Cleanser

Capacity: 520ml

Product key points: weak acidity, vegan, non-polar, natural moisturizing factor,

aroma oil

Country of Manufacture: Republic of Korea


Manufacturing sales: NOW


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