ROM&ND Zero Velvet Tint (17 Colors)


  • #MELTING - A toned-down coral color that melts on the lips and is sweetly colored.
  • #JOYFUL - MLBB Red Brick color gives everyone a pleasant experience.
  • #PERSPIRED - Ripe real red, resembling the red of a ripe persimmon that is about to burst
  • #BURNT HEART - It is moody and new, like burning a heart in a fire, unique heart pink.
  • #WITTY - Not just dull but more tactful, Orange Brown Color
  • #DEEPSOUL - Sprinkle red on a deep and deeper soul. Deep Red Brown
  • #FIZZ - Oh, it's cold. Refreshing, clear, full of carbonic acid, Cherry Red
  • #ICY - Grape Slushy Pink that cools off warm-toned lips.
  • #POLAR - Wet your thirsty lips with pink strawberry milk. Sweet muhly pink
  • #FEVER - It becomes your face and will fill you up like your blood Daily Blood Coral.
  • #FLARE - Playing with fire on the lips Red-tasting Festival Red
  • #ANNE SHIRLEY - Fresh orange-red, that contains red, like the hair color of Anne as the color of the summer sun.
  • #BERRY CAKE - Bright red that is fresh like jam made from ripe strawberries
  • #PECAN TARTE - Perfect for any makeup, Rosy brown that is Savory like pecan
  • #RUSK RUSK - Rusk brown that is crunchy like baked bread edge.
  • #BURNY NUDE - Nudie pink, that reminds burning pink-colored seashell in the hot summer sun.
  • #TOASTY NUDE - Toasty nude that is attractive like sands burnt by the intense sunlight.


  • Lighter knit lips with zero-gram lipstick
  • Blazing Tint Combining Blur Effect and Smudge
  • MLBB color is prettier by consumer
  • Baked velvet that is more savory and sweeter


  • Product name: rom&nd Zero Velvet Tint (17 Colors)
  • Volume: 5.5g
  • Country of Manufacture: Made in Korea
  • Seller: I Family SC Co., Ltd.
  • Brand: rom&nd

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