the SAEM Gem Miracle Black Pearl 02 Bubble Mask 105g


  • Brightens the dull skin with the fine pearl powder.
  • Oxygen bubbles purify the skin by eliminating dead skin cells and skin wastes.
  • Cares the skin smooth by closing the pores, conveying nutrition to the skin.

How to use

  • Take an appropriate amount, spread evenly,
    massage when bubbles form, and wash off with warm water.


  • Brand : the SAEM
  • Country of origin : Republic of Korea
  • Target Area : Face
  • Skin Type : All Skin Types
  • Condition : 100% Brand-new with original box
  • Capacity: 105g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great product

I've never seen a facial cleanser quite like this one. Dispenses with a pump bottle, goes on kind of gray, then turns to bubbles as you spread it over facial skin. Let it sit for a bit, massage the bubbles again, then rinse it off. My skin feels clean and renewed. Not greasy or heavy feeling at all. The scent is light and I think I like this cleans.

Love this cleaner

Wow, this face cleaner works great. It smells awesome too. I also used it in my foam maker, it makes it thinner but it still cleans very well and leaves your face feeling so.

Nice product

This comes out black for you to apply to your face. It goes on easily and in no time at all it is turning white and bubbling up. It washes off easily and leaves you with nice clean skin. Love the bubbles.

Works with sensitive skin

It sure does leave my skin radiant and plumpy after every use. The oxygen thing is also fun because I look like a cloud. Haven’t had any negative effects from it such as breakout or irritation so far despite my sensitive skin.


I love this face mask product. It does a great job cleaning out all my pours and then leaving my skin silky soft.

Nice product

This mask left my face feeling silky soft, but the scent is heavy, almost overwhelming. This is sort of an in between product where it goes on like a liquid mask, but it foams up and becomes a facial wash. As there is no portions to this items I just used a little and let it foam up before continuing another section. However, getting rid of it takes a few passes with the towel and later on, I just used it before I shower and just rinse off in there.


This mask is so fun to use and you can see immediate results! The smell is very spa like and my skin looked so nice and refreshed after I used it. It was easy to apply and the bubbles are so fun. Highly recommend.


This is a nice mask but it has a really strong fragrance. I liked the bubbly feeling and I really felt like my face was clean when I washed it off.

Anastasia K.

Instant foaming action after rubbing the product into my face. From grey gel to a white foam bubble texture. Not the most pleasant scent but I can handle.

Highly fragrant and interesting bubbles

The face wash is an interesting mix creating a bunch of foamy bubbles on the face once wet and rubbed onto skin. The fragrance is quite heavy which may not be necessary. I am not sure about the mask claim, as I clean the bubbles shortly after and it never cakes on like a mask. The facewash does leave skin feeling clean and refreshed and not dry.

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