Baobap Soap

UNOCOS Baobap Soap

The best choice for skin soothing


This product doesn't use any surfactant other than low irritation natural surfactant certified
as Ecocert Cosmetic. Also, natural moisturizers such as baobab extract,
honey extract, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and macadamia nut oil are added to make
them soft compared to conventional soap,
and they are not quickly mushy due to their excellent hardness compared to traditional M&P soap.
We also reinforced the antioxidant function
of the skin by adding vitamin Tree fruit oil. Since it is a natural surfactant-based soap,
it has less foam than soap that uses synthetic surfactants.


    Antioxidant Effect
    Infants and delicate, Sensitive Skin
    Moisturizing Effect


      Capacity: 120g
      Expiry: 3 years(from the manufacturing date)
      Key product specifications: for infants and sensitive skin
      Manufacturer: UNOCOS Co., Ltd
      The origin of country: South Korea

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