Grapefruit Soap

UNOCOS Grapefruit Soap pH Balance Control Remove the dead cells


This product is optimized for foot treatment. It used a persimmon leaf extract rich in tannin, round silica coated with nanosilver,
a photosynthetic bacteria metabolite, and Naringin, grapefruit extract, as the main ingredients t o cleanse and maintain
the cleanliness of skin of the between toes, the heel or the armpit and the groin(Y-zone) of men and women.
The areas of our bodies where fungi and other harmful germs are likely to inhabit are transformed into alkaline skin
by sweating and others or the dead skin cells are developed. Therefore, to solve these skin problems or body odor,
it is necessary to sterilize, exfoliate, and maintain the acidity of the skin. For this variety of skincare, a soap with strong cleaning function
and smooth removal of the dead skin cells and maintaining the acidity of the skin after cleansing is required.

Material Features

Antibacterial effect
pH balance, control
Reducing foot and body odor
Foot, armpit, and groin(Y-Zone) management

Directions for use

1. Make enough foam with a shower towel or a sponge.
2. For a spot of athlete's foot between the toes or skin, soak the part in water enough then rub and remove the dead cells.
3. Rinse with lukewarm water after one minute.
4. Again, after foaming enough with the grapefruit soap, gently rub the part that removed the dead cells and wait more than a minute.
5. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and dry it with a towel, then apply a foot cream or an athlete's foot ointment, that has been in use.
* When using it to armpit or groin(Y-Zone), use it the same as a conventional soap. It can also be used for facial skin trouble.


Capacity: 120g
Manufacturer:  UNOCOS Co., Ltd.
The origin of Country: South Korea

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