Zombie Pack Activator Kit


The ZOMBIE BEAUTY Mummy Pack and Zombie Pack are the solutions to wrinkled and drooping skin.
They care for the fine lines from skin aging, saggy and drooping skin
and visible pores from lack of elasticity.
These at-home treatments contain albumin which is the component found in egg whites responsible for that tugging feeling on your skin.
Feel as the packs work to tighten your pores and firm your skin.
Self-diagnose your problem areas! Both mummy pack and zombie pack can signify areas that are dehydrated and areas that are low in elasticity,
depending on whether the mask looks rough or cracked when dry.

How to use

Step 1. Mummy pack batch with care to prevent powder from spilling.
Step 2. Pour the activator and use a brush to mix with the powder.
Step 3. Appy on the facial area along with the skin texture.
(Avoid around eyes and lips.)
Dry for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


Brand : SKIN1004
Capacity : Pack Powder 2g x 8ea (16g) / Activator 3.5ml x 8ea (28ml)
Target Area : Face
Skin Type : All skin types
Condition : 100% brand-new with original box
Country of origin : South Korea


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Valerie N.
Love the product & the company

I find this to be an amazing product. It makes my skin look younger & healthier. with just a few uses. Also I love DODO because they deliver fast.

so good!!

maaan, these are amazing! it cracks my face clean, my skin felt exactly like that egg. I am so happy with the smell, as well as the packaging. function-wise I’m blown away - it’s only thing in my life that really cleaned every single blackhead on my nose and freshened the rest of my skin up.


I do like this product, It tightens up as it dries. My skin felt lovely afterwards, softer & moisturized, texture was smooth, dullness faded into a glow, pores were reduced & my wrinkles were not as apparent.

nice mask pack

very nice mask pack. it comes with a new brush in every pack. I use it once a week and it makes my skin feel really tight. I keep buying these over and over again.

smelly but okay

the smell it's quite odd and also the strange sensation it gives when it dries. I felt like a raisins being dried, but! But.
after the skin it's wonderful. smooth and relaxed, in a good way! weird name but effective product.

GREAT product

The Zombie Masks are amazing! They aren’t pretty when they dry, but they dry that way for a reason. Bumpy areas lack elasticity, and cracked areas lack hydration. I would 10/10 recommend these masks. My face feels so silky smooth and great afterwards! Plus i use it as diagnostic tool to find areas in my face where i need to focus more with wrinkle, elasticity or dryness skincare


Super fun mask, and leaves your face soft, firm and poreless! I use it as a diagnostic tool to see which parts of my face are dry/lack elasticity so i can focus my serums and treatments on those areas I expected it to stink ALOT but i guess cause i expected the worst it didnt actually smell that bad hahah


It looks horrible on the skin and the smell isn't the greatest but the mask is really effective (and fun to use). Comes with a brush for easy application. Great product!

Holy Grail

I absolutely love these! Use them a day before an event for gorgeous skin. Makes you look younger and evens your tone like nobody’s business!


I use this mask once or twice a week or before an event. Love how it shrinks up My pores around my nose area.

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