8 Amazing Benefits Of Using Natural Hand Sanitization

8 Amazing Benefits Of Using Natural Hand Sanitization

Hand sanitizers have recently become a need in our daily life, with the COVID-19 epidemic compelling us to prioritize our hand hygiene. While hand sanitizers are unquestionably excellent in killing germs and bacteria, they are not all made equal. Several commercial hand sanitizers include harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin, induce allergies, and even lead to antibiotic resistance. This is where natural hand sanitizer piques our interest.

Plant-based components make natural hand sanitizers—healthy for your skin and the environment. They have a number of advantages over commercial hand sanitizers. This blog post will review eight incredible benefits of natural hand sanitizer. So, let's swoop into the blog. 

Benefits Of Natural Hand Sanitizers

Walk through these merits to know what gives natural sanitizers an edge over others. 

Skin Protection

One of the most significant advantages of utilizing natural hand sanitizers is that they are gentle on your skin. Most commercial hand sanitizers include alcohol, which can cause your skin to dry up, resulting in cracking and peeling. Moreover, some hand sanitizers include harsh chemicals, such as triclosan, which can cause skin irritation and allergies. In contrast, natural hand sanitizers are manufactured with soothing plant-based components that are non-irritating to the skin. These nutrients may nourish your skin while also assisting in maintaining its natural moisture barrier, keeping your hands smooth and supple.

Environmentally Conscious

Commercial hand sanitizers are frequently packed in plastic bottles, resulting in landfills and polluting the environment. On the other hand, natural hand sanitizers are usually packed in recyclable or biodegradable packaging, reducing their environmental effect. Furthermore, the plant-based chemicals in natural hand sanitizers are renewable, which reduces their carbon footprint. The Perfumed Sanitizer Gel available at DoDo Skin follows the same practice. 

Cost Effective

Natural hand sanitizers may appear more expensive than commercial hand sanitizers at first glance, but they can be more cost-effective in the long term. Natural hand sanitizers are typically more concentrated, requiring less substance to provide the same amount of protection. Furthermore, natural hand sanitizers may be created at home using inexpensive components like aloe vera gel, witch hazel, and essential oils, saving you money in the long run.

Avoid Utilizing Unnecessary Items

It may be difficult to understand the components mentioned on the label of a popular hand sanitizer. Usually, they consist of a number of chemicals whose names the general public has never heard before. However, if you choose an organic product, you'll know exactly what you rely on to keep you healthy. At the very least, you'll know you are not putting anything potentially dangerous on your skin.

Natural Hand Sanitizer Smells Better

While this may appear less important than the other items, don't underestimate how much an unpleasant odor might stop you from continuing your hygiene practices. You may avoid the unpleasant odor of many traditional hand sanitizers with an organic hand sanitizer. 

Antimicrobial Characteristics Of Several Essential Oils

Organic hand sanitizers infused with essential oils can provide additional antibacterial protection. According to recent research, Thyme and clove have antibacterial capabilities, while tea tree oil is popular because of its ability to destroy germs. With clear ingredient lists, you should be able to tell if your hand sanitizer provides additional protection. The Perfumed Sanitizer Gel from Tamburins, available on our website, can offer much more than traditional sanitizers. Let's see why? 

Patchouli | Sandalwood | Earthy— essential elements of Perfumed Sanitizer Gel

Stillness, elevated air, soil, and roots— the feeling of raised air and still light in the great expanse of earth. The tamburins' distinctive aroma reminds us of the deep, tranquil soil and root motions, representing the natural cycle.

Further, it includes 64% ethanol and Centella extract to increase moisture while also serving as a hand sanitizer. It is concluded with Bergamot's freshness and Sandalwood's lingering aroma. Thus, making it the perfect natural hand sanitizer.

Non Toxic Hand Sanitizer

Another benefit of using natural hand sanitizers is that they are non-toxic. Commercial hand sanitizers often contain harsh chemicals like triclosan and phthalates linked to hormone disruption, antibiotic resistance, and other health concerns. On the other hand, natural hand sanitizers contain safe ingredients for human use and do not threaten your health.

Effective Against Germs

While natural hand sanitizers may not contain the same levels of alcohol as commercial hand sanitizers, they can still be effective against germs and bacteria. Many natural hand sanitizers contain essential oils like tea tree oil, which has antibacterial and antifungal traits.

Wrapping Up!

Natural hand sanitizers offer several benefits over commercial hand sanitizers. There are many options at DoDo Skin if you are skimming for a natural alternative to commercial hand sanitizers. Just scroll down our website to find the finest Perfumed Sanitizer Gel. Hurry up and grab it before it goes out of stock!