MEDI-PEEL TOX de cáscara de hierbas
Lave la máscara de crema de tipo lavado 120 g

Contiene hojas herbales suaves tal como está, ofrece energía herbal a la piel suavemente.
¡El cuidado de la materia residual es esencial! Calma y fortalece la piel.
Las micro-bio-espículas cuidan los problemas de la piel y las células muertas de la piel y hace que la piel sea saludable.
1.025,540 ppm de 41 tipos de complejo de hierbas ayuda a calmar la piel
cubriendo la piel cómodamente
5 tipos de complejo de cica ayuda para cuidar la piel agotada
Multi BSASM, compuesto por 7 extractos de plantas, ayuda a calmar e hidratar la piel con problemas.
* Puede aguantar temporalmente mientras la penetración de los microagueses.
* Si frota toda la piel en exceso, puede causar irritación de la piel,
Así que úsalo solo en las áreas con mucho sebo
como la nariz y la barbilla, durante 3 ~ 4 veces suavemente.

Cómo utilizar
Refina la textura de la piel con tóner después de limpiar la cara.
Tome una cantidad apropiada y extiéndela a toda la cara, excepto alrededor de los ojos.
Presione hacia abajo con las manos para ayudar a absorber micro-bio-espículas y enjuagarse con agua tibia después de 15 minutos.

Capacidad: 120g / 4.23oz
Área objetivo: cara
Tipo de piel: todo tipo de piel
Condición: 100% nuevo con caja original
País de origen: República de Corea

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nice product

Nice product. Really love using this. Skin feels good after this product

Great mask for oily mature skin

It’s a fantastic product. Works great on my oily but mature skin. It’s hard to find it in the USA though. My makeup artist recommended this mask and now I will recommend it to all who have acne prone skin but don’t want the over drying sensation.

Very good

great thing. cannot be used every day. pleasant smell and consistency. fits well and washes off. effective

Audrey R.

a super exfoliating mask that is both gentle and effective, interesting composition, tightens pores and gives a good glow. Ok for sensitive skin

Natalja K.
Extraordinary and effective

The mask smells very natural, thanks to the many natural ingredients it contains. The mask leaves the skin super soft and clear. The main ingredient of the mask is sea sponge spicule powder, the mask has the effect of "needling" without attacking or damaging the skin barrier.


I have normal skin. It is one of the best masks I have ever used. It has a nice herbal smell, it’s very relaxing, not sure if everyone will like it but I love it.

Vivian L.

This herbal peel is very nice that can remove the dead cells without any redness on my face. It gives my skin a freshly look. With EGF, it’s really value to the price.


Its a very interesting face mask. Smells very green and herbal and this mask does not dry at all. At first I was not so sure what it was doing to my skin, but after using this a very times it really nourished my skin and gave it a healthy glow. It’s excellent for all skin types including sensitive skin which I have. The ingredient list is unbelievable. Eventhough it is a bit pricy, I will repurchase again when there is a sale going on.


I have always been avoiding phisical exfoliators because I have very thin, sensitive skin. This mask is amazing, it does not irritate or dry my skin. Smells really nice and relaxing. After washing it off the face is smooth, brightened and nourished.

Hanna A.
Herbal Peel Tox

This is my first exfoliating product from Medi Peel and all I want to say is WOW !! Is excellent mask !

My skin is very soft and of course clean from some blemishes I had .. don't irritated my skin or make burn. Smell fantastic and I am very happy to see my skin like this thanks to this mask. The smell is very pleasant, herbal, and I can't use products with fragrance, but not this mask !! Everyone can use this mask with no side effects....My skin is very sensitive to fragrance and if this mask has some unwanted items I will be in big trouble but all I got is beautiful skin and healthy after just first use...This mask will be repurchase by me...for sure

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