MEDI-PEEL Péptido 9 esencia de volumen
Todo en una burbuja esencia 100 ml

Este proceso de burbuja aumenta el porcentaje de entregar una alta nutrición en su piel.
Este suero todo en un solo suero ayuda con la preparación antihrinking, la referencia, el blanqueamiento y la piel radiante brillante.
Todo en un suero: hidratante, referenciado y blanqueamiento.
Ingredientes científicos e innovadores: 9 tipos de complejo péptido, volufilina, colágeno hidrolizado,
Elastina hidrolizada y ácido hialurónico
Las burbujas activas de oxígeno mejoran la circulación sanguínea y producen una piel radiante y brillante.

Cómo utilizar
Bombearlo 3-4 veces en la mano y aplicarla suavemente en la cara,
Déjelo encendido hasta que las burbujas aparezcan en la piel y luego
Tócalo suavemente en la piel hasta que absorba profundamente.

Capacidad: 100 ml / 3.38 fl.oz
Área objetivo: cara
Tipo de piel: todo tipo de piel
Condición: 100% nuevo con caja original
País de origen: República de Corea

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

This works great on my skin. It adds freshness and brightness to my skin. Great for anti-aging! Like I pampered my skin.

Very good moisture cream.

I love this cream. Applied a bit to my face and my skin become super soft and moisture.

Works for aging skin

This is a really great cream that works for aging skin. I felt slight irritation/itchiness the first time using much like using retinol. But that went away after continual use. I applied at night. I just love how my skin felt the next morning, soft and smooth.

Very good

This is the first time trying peptide 9 volume essence, a very special airless pump, bubble essence, I usually gently pat the bubble until it’s completely absorbed into the skin. And the amazing effect afterwards is so nice. It feels like my whole face is refreshed instantly and supple. After using it for a week, my dry mature skin feels more elastic, healthy and shiny. Great product. I’d recommended.


This is a great moisturizing essence. It feels lightweight, and plays well with other skincare products. It does not contain an SPF, so you are able to use it for both day and night. This essence is unscented, so if you have sensitive skin, this would be a good choice since most essences I have come across are perfumed. Overall, I would recommend this product.


This Medi-Peel Peptide 9 Volume Essence is the most unusual product I have ever encountered, but I really like it. You put the product on your face and leave it for 10 minutes. It begins to foam and bubble up. Then you tap the product into the skin. It leaves behind a serum-like texture that is quickly absorbed into the skin. My face felt clean and hydrated. It was like I had used a mask, but left the product on. I really love the glow it imparted to my skin. I was able to follow with my regular night time skin care routine with no problems. This is a great addition to my nightly routine, and I love it so much.

Perfect product

This cream is great. I have a mature skin and it works very well.
I would recommend this to anyone

Kathy L.
Repurchasing item

It is very moisturizing. I purchased it twice which is not very common


Works very well, only need a small amount to blend in.

Ipek E.
it's the best

This stuff is good! Leaves my skin moisturized for a long time. I feel the moisture barrier all day. When it activates, it is difficult not to touch it because it makes my skin itchy but it almost feels like a game at this point. I cannot say much about anti-aging features as I did not really do before-after, but my face feels plump. Highly recommend it!

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