MEDI-PEEL Glow 9 24K Gold Mask Pack 100ml



This is a pore waxing pack that empties waste from pores to create elastic skin
by adding tension to the widened pores.
It takes care of not only visible sebum but also old sebum, blackhead, and wastes.
With its strong adsorption power, it removes wastes from pores and controls skin balance
by including 4 pore astringent components and sebum control patent components.
Gel-type gold pack containing 99.99% pure 24k gold provides nourishment and
helps to make clean skin.


1. Powerful root waxing that removes not only visible sebum but also the root of sebum.
2. Facial waxing +lifting (sebum+ black heads/white heads+ dead skin + impurities + fine dust).
3. WAXING PACK that removes all the impurities in the pores with one time use!
Clears all the sebum, black heads and impurities with one time use.
4. Facial waxing pack that roots out small and big sebum in the pores that is not removed with cleansing.

How to use

After washing your face, apply an appropriate amount on a dry face and
spread it thickly except around eyes and mouth.
After 20 to 30 minutes, remove the pack from bottom to top when it dries.



Capacity : 100ml
Target Area : Face
Skin Type : All skin types
Condition : 100% Brand-new with original box
Country of origin : Republic of Korea

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