MONAGE Vegan All In One Ato Lotion 300ml



From Head to Toe, All-in-One Gel type Wash

Slightly acidic skin protective film identical to healthy skin

Moisturizing and nourishing with Panthenol and Ceramide element

Natural cleansing ingredients extracted from Coconut oil

Smooth, moist, and hydrating deep cleansing even after a shower

Good MONAGE surfactant without protein damage A good gel-type foam!

MONAGE All-in-One Slightly Acid Cleanser 3 IN 1 Form Cleansing & Shampoo & Body Wash

It's slightly acidic, with less irritation to the skin. Natural surfactant ingredients

derived from coconut keep our body clean with mild foam from head to toe.



POINT 1. Perfect recipe derived from Jojoba oil! Natural moisturizing factor present in the skin

POINT 2. Golden Oil from Nature - Similar to the human's moisture element

in chemical structures, the Jojoba tree is self-sustaining to survive in a poor, dry place.

It is rich in nutrients such as amino acids, fatty acids, vitamin E, and wax ester,

and helps to strengthen the skin barrier with deep moisturization and nutrition.

POINT 3. Made by nature, existing on the skin, reassuring moisturizing prescription element

_- Natural Ceramide: As it has the same chemical structure of ceramide,

which is in vernix caseosa, it keeps skin moisturized like a sponge and provides

moisture element by preventing moisture from evaporating

so that it makes your skin healthy.

_- Phytosqualane: Natural protective film that is in the stratum corneum

of vernix caseosa, squalane makes your skin smooth and soft. It also acts

like a glue that keeps the intercellular skin cells.

_- Panthenol: Panthenol's other name is vitamin B. It combines moisture and serves

as an excellent moisturizer so that it protects and soothes your skin.

POINT 4. MONAGE is a real safe cosmetic that has passed strict standards.

POINT 5. All MONAGE Ingredients are the best. If it's not a green grade, we do not use it.



Product name: Vegan All In One Ato Lotion

Capacity: 300ml

Country of Manufacture: Republic of Korea


Manufacturing sales: NOW


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