Mummy Pack Activator Kit


The ZOMBIE BEAUTY Mummy Pack and Zombie Pack are the solutions to wrinkled and drooping skin.
They care for the fine lines from skin aging, saggy and drooping skin
and visible pores from lack of elasticity.
These at-home treatments contain albumin which is the component found in egg whites responsible for that tugging feeling on your skin.
Feel as the packs work to tighten your pores and firm your skin.
Self-diagnose your problem areas! Both mummy pack and zombie pack can signify areas that are dehydrated and areas that are low in elasticity,
depending on whether the mask looks rough or cracked when dry.

How to use

Step 1. Mummy pack batch with care to prevent powder from spilling.
Step 2. Pour the activator and use a brush to mix with the powder.
Step 3. Appy on the facial area along with the skin texture.
(Avoid around eyes and lips.)
Dry for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


Brand : SKIN1004
Capacity : Pack Powder 2g x 8ea (16g) / Activator 3.5ml x 8ea (28ml)
Target Area : Face
Skin Type : All skin types
Condition : 100% brand-new with original box
Country of origin : South Korea


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Macayla l.
Smells like

I actually do like the product, it definitely does tighten the skin. My cat lost his marbles trying to get it off my face. It is alittle hard to get off but I wiped with a wash cloth and warm water.

Melinda S.
Great mask!

I’ve used the egg white one before and liked it too. This one is great! My faves looks “tighter” and a slight glow, brighter, maybe even softer. Definitely worth a try!

Great skin product

I use all of the Zombie products. Does a nice job on my face

Wen L.
Love this! Works!

Seriously these are the best face masks for the price on the market. Even my husband loves them. My skin is so soft afterwards. 10/10 recommend

Smells like dry egg white

After one time aplication I noticed brighter skin. If you are sensible to smell dont try it as the egg white present in the mix can be sensed.

Rebecca F.
Just Love This

The product is great but the name (I've also used Mummy and Witch) are perfect for gift giving. Everyone loves the mask but I always get a huge laugh and thank you because of the surprise. Awesome product.

Tamasfi E.

I love this mask. it hydrates my skin a lot and visibly tightens it as well. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Great product!

Miracle mask! Easy to use, results are visible immediately—-> softer skin, slightly smaller pores, improvement of fine lines! I will definitely continue using it! Clear purchase recommendation!

Martina M.
Excellent and beautiful

Great face masks, I really like having to interact with the creation of the mask before applying it, it's fun.

The entire line of these products is worth trying.

Very good mask

The mask is very good. Skin is soft after the mask, slightly smaller pores, improvement in fine lines.

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